Bracelets Inspired by European Fashion

European Designed Bracelets

braceletsDeewatch bracelets are worn as they are or combined with watches or other jewelry to depict new and exciting creations resulting in a unique and elegant look. All products by Deewatch are made from 100% natural, high quality materials, and contain no toxins, nickel or other harmful substances.   See the bracelet selection here.   They offer fast FREE SHIPPING Worldwide, a 30 day trial period, and secure payment.   Plus your bracelet is delivered in a beautiful gift box.

History Of The Bracelet

The English word “bracelet” is derived from the Latin word “brachium” which translates to “arm”.They can be found in history across almost every civilization and time period. In 1995, archaeologists discovered a bracelet in Turkey that dated back to 7,500 BC.  In 2008 Russian archaeologists found a bracelet in Siberia that was carbon dated to be around 40,000 years old. Early bracelets were made of grasses, shells, thin tree branches, then copper, bronze, gold and sliver.

braceletsAs early as 2000 BC, the Chinese carved intricate designs into bangles made from jade.  They also etched animal and mythical creatures into gold bracelets.   The Greeks wore cuffs on their upper and lower arms as decorations.   Greek solders used a metal cuff as part of their armor, a practice later adopted by Roman solders. During the 17th century, European women often wore bracelets made of ribbon.  Bracelet chains became popular in the 19th century while the Victorian period made the charm bracelet popular.   Bracelets began to be mass produced during the 20th century and took on all kinds of different designs and compositions.   Bracelets have always been worn to express wealth and power and hold great symbolism.  While that is true even today,  some wear a simple bracelet made of a piece of string or a rubber band to show support for social causes or a group identity.  Not far from the days when bracelets were made of grasses and thin branches.

The simplicity and style of Deewatch Bracelets along with Deewatch Watches was born during a trip through southern Europe’s fashion areas.  The creators were inspired by the local clothing and jewelry fashion and realized it’s warm, bold yet very stylish expressions fit perfectly together.

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