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Res-Q Supplements Support A Healthy Heart

healthy heartDo you have a healthy heart? You’ve likely heard the expression, “Sitting is the new smoking.” Although some studies indicate this may not be entirely true, researchers remain united on the fact that too much sitting is definitely bad – and not just for your saddlebags. Studies have time and again concluded that prolonged sitting increases the risk of developing several serious illnesses, ranging from osteoporosis to cancer to heart disease to type 2 diabetes.So, what is it about sitting that’s so detrimental to your health? Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening inside your body every time you take a seat and settle in to stay – whether you’re parking it on your office chair or your comfy couch.

  • Your metabolic rate plummets. – You burn fewer calories when you sit, which frequently leads to weight gain over time. Res-Q Natural Weight Loss can help you maintain a healthy weight. Res-Q 105MAX supports healthy blood sugar and a healthy heart.  Learn More Here!
  • Your triglyceride levels go up. – Triglycerides supply energy for your body. If your body doesn’t have an immediate need for energy, the triglycerides are stored as fat for a future energy reserve. The omega-3s in fish oil support a healthy triglyceride level and are a nice addition to limiting sitting as much as possible.
  • The blood circulation to your legs slows. – Prolonged sitting can lead to pooled blood in your lower extremities, leading to varicose veins and swollen ankles.  Res-Q Leg & Vein Support helps maintain the health of your veins and capillaries, and a healthy heart.
  • Your bones get soft. – Weight-bearing exercises like running and walking are needed to stimulate your hip and lower body bones to grow thicker and stronger. Res-Q SmartCal is a calcium supplement blend with vitamin K2 to help direct calcium into your bones.
  • You trigger your body’s inflammatory process. – Several different studies have shown that increased sitting time correlates with increased levels of C-reactive protein, a blood marker for inflammation. Omega-3s are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties and their support for a healthy heart.   Learn More Here!

The History of Res-Q Brand of Supplements

healthy heartN3 Oceanic, Inc., has been manufacturing the Res-Q brand of natural health supplements to promote a healthy heart and overall physical wellness for over 30 years. Their superior supplements, unsurpassed in potency and purity, have helped millions of customers feel their best.

  • They started with their now famous Res-Q 1250 Omega-3 ultra purified fish oil capsules and has sold over 2 million bottles – that is more than 400 million capsules.
  • You won’t find their products in stores.  As the manufacturer, they offer the best prices in the industry by avoiding middleman costs – passing the saving along to you.
  • They only use ingredients from suppliers that meet their stringent Quality Assurance Standards.  They products are subjected to countless quality tests to verify purity and full potency.
  • They offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  They are so sure you will feel better with their outstanding quality supplements that if you are not completely satisfied with any product, return it within 60 days of purchase and they will refund your product purchase.
  • This is a family owned business for over 30 years. They believe strongly in promoting a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition, exercise and Res-Q supplements.
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  • Learn how Res-Q Supplements Can Lower Your Cholesterol Here.


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