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Learn Arabic with the online Arabic course that’s used by over 1,200,000 people, just like you, to master the Arabic language.

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Built on practical success strategies

Learn ArabicThe Rocket Languages platform IS THE BEST because of Interactive Audio Lessons and their philosophy of Combining Language Training with Culture Lessons.  They provide Reinforcement Testing, employ Easy Learning Techniques and provide both Learning and Motivational Support.  Need More Proof?   TRY IT HERE FREE!

This system is based on these powerful language acquisition strategies to help you learn Arabic no matter what your background.  You will have access to Advanced Learning Techniques.  You will be supported by a Strong Support Network.  And finally, you will Have Fun while you learn.   GO HERE to obtain more detail on Rocket Languages and its teaching strategy.

Formed in 2004 Rocket Languages first offered Spanish classes based on a strategy that enabled students to speak Spanish from the first lesson,  understand Spanish when it was spoken to them while reducing study time.   Today  Rocket Languages offers language courses in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), German, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and American Sign Language; as well as English courses for speakers of Spanish and Japanese.