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Learn English with Rocket Languages award winning language courses utilized by over 1,200,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

Formed in 2004,  Rocket Languages first offered Spanish classes based on a strategy that enabled students to speak Spanish from the first Learn Englishlesson,  understand Spanish when it was spoken to them while reducing study time.  They spent over 10 years researching what worked, surveying people who spoke multiple languages and those who overcame learning difficulties to master a language.   The result:  A World Class Teaching Platform  utilized by over a million satisfied customers.

Today, Rocket Languages offers language courses in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), German, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and American Sign Language; as well as English courses for speakers of Spanish and Japanese.

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Learn EnglishTake this opportunity to learn English through a world class e-learning platform that supports not only Windows but iOS and Android.  But don’t believe me.   GO HERE and try it FREE!  This system is more than your typical language learning system.   The team at Rocket Languages is passionate about languages and learning and maintains a sound philosophy for teaching and learning languages.

The Rocket Languages platform IS THE BEST because of Interactive Audio Lessons and their philosophy of Combining Language Training with Culture Lessons.  They provide Reinforcement Testing, employ Easy Learning Techniques and provide both Learning and Motivational Support.   Need More Proof?   TRY IT HERE FREE!

This system is based on these powerful language acquisition strategies to help you learn English no matter what your background.  The first is Make the Best Possible Use of Your Limited Time. Next, you will Understand Exactly How French Works.   The teaching strategy Reinforces What You Have Learned so it sticks.  Next you will Practice Speaking and Sounding just like a local resident.  You will have access to Advanced Learning Techniques.  You will be supported by a Strong Support Network.  And finally, you will Maintain Your Motivation and Have Fun while you learn.   And you can learn English on your computer and / or the free iOS or Android apps.  GO HERE to obtain more detail on Rocket Languages and its teaching strategy.

Not sure if you are up to learning a new language?   Take a few minutes to read Ordinary Ways to Learn a New Language Extraordinarily Fast, Rocket Languages guide to explosive language learning. It begins with describing the experience of a Chinese girl and her first day in a United States kindergarten class.   The story comes from Tongue Tied, The Lives of Multilingual Children in Public Education  and provides motivation for those looking to begin learning a new language.

So, if you are looking to learn English,  CONGRATULATIONS,  you have found the best program!

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