Personalized Books – Making Childhood Memories

Personalized Books For Children

Personalized Books for children are a great teaching tool and remembrance for your children. They also make great gifts for friends and family.

Personalized BooksWe are all aware of the research that supports the importance and need to read to children and how it improves their chance for future success and even raises their IQ. But reading to your child also

  • builds a sense of intimacy and well-being.
  • builds listening skills and imagination.
  • calms your child.
  • Is enjoyable and makes your child a long time reader.
  • teaches thinking skills.
  • promotes longer attention spans.
  • relieves fears and prepares for changes in life.

I See Me provides the highest quality most personalized books for children available. Two of
Personalized Books Personalized Bookstheir books “My Very Own Name” and “My Very Own Fairy Tale” are high quality personalized books featured nationally in People, In Touch and Parents magazines.

Other Personalized Books and Products

Books:  Other personalized books include storybooks, board books and coloring books.

Gifts: Other personalized products include stickers, puzzles, growth charts, lunch boxes, place mats and music.   Check out the entire selection HERE

These personalized books and other products are perfect gifts for Easter, Birthdays,  Baptisms, First Communion, New Big Sister or Brother, Adoption, Back to School, Valentines Day and Hanukkah. Make your gift of a customized children’s book even more wonderful with a personalized book / gift combination.

Gift Sets Available

Many of the bright, colorful story book sets come with a plush toy. The toy has a direct connection to the book, such as the adorable little teddy bears that accompany our Hanukkah or Christmas books or the pirate’s bandanna that comes with the My Very Own Pirate Tale. The accompanying toy encourages imaginative play based on the story, where the child is the star of the tale. For kids who love to snuggle, or who need a little extra security when the lights go out, consider the My Snuggle Bunny gift set. The customized hardcover book explains all the ways Snuggle Bunny loves the child through the day, while the floppy plush bunny is just perfect for nighttime snuggles.   See all personalized gift sets here.

Ways To Foster Your Child’s Creativity

Children are born with a natural sense of wonder and creativity. During these crucial first months and years of life, it’s the parents’ job as their guardians to engage their minds and encourage that creativity to grow. Imagination and creativity are the cornerstones of a strong intellectual mind and help shape children into confident, freethinking adults.

Children love to play with their parents, grandparents, and caretakers, and guided play will help them grow beyond the boundaries of their play-places

Grow Your Family Library:  Infants are active thinkers who gain tremendously from books.

Read To Your Little One:  Reading encourages confident speech.

Get Puzzled:  Children ages 2-4 develop key spatial/math skills during “puzzle time”.

Cuddling Counts: Touch is essential to early development. Cuddling, hugging and holding hands all impact creativity, brainpower and confidence.

Play Make Believe: When parents engage in play, toddlers are encouraged to join in.

Create a Musical Home: Growing up with music enhances a cerebral neuron connectivity. Group play with instruments teaches cooperation and collaborative creativity.

Build a Fort and Build With Blocks:  An indoor fort and building blocks teaches basic engineering, teamwork, strategy and sets imagination free.

Get In On The Action With Your Child

Personalized BooksThey will learn and you will create memories of a lifetime. Reading, coloring and playing together as a family engenders bonding time and opens the mind for little ones – and you too! Personalized books are the perfect way to get close to your child and make memories.

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