Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Identity TheftIdentity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Some estimate that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year.  Neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members and complete strangers have access to your information.   Consequently, it is important you have proper identity protection to safeguard your name, your social security number your date of birth, your address and your phone number.    Millions of Americans have their personal information placed at risk when information in databases is compromised. Protecting yourself and your family against identity theft is just as important as protecting your family against perils with home and health insurance.  Take the First Step To Protect Your Identity Here!

Thieves use all types of methods to seal your identity.   They pretend to be companies and try to persuade you to reveal your personal information.   They use devices to capture your information at places where you use credit or debit cards.  Stealing your identity could be as easy as completing a change of address request to divert your billing information as well as going through your trash to discover personal information.

Take Steps To Prevent Identity Theft

Identity TheftThere is hope.   You need to be vigilant, proactive and partner with the leader of Identity Theft protection.  LifeLock was named “2015 Identity Protection Services Leader” by Javelin Strategy & Research.   LifeLock scans a trillion data points a day for threats.  It supports members with a team of Identity Restoration Specialists and it has your back with a $1 Million service guarantee.   In addition, do not give out your personal information,  shred all documents, create hard to guess passwords for your internet accounts,  do not submit your social security number to any website,  check your credit cards for errors,  be vigilant at ATM machines or at store checkouts to be sure someone isn’t looking over your shoulder.   In addition, cancel all credit cards that you do not use.  place mobile alerts on your credit cards that tracks balances and NEVER use your social security number as a password.

LifeLock Offers Three Layers of Protection.

Identity TheftFirst, through state of the art advanced technology it monitors over a trillion data points to detect suspicious uses of identify.  Second, through its patented alert system, it will send you potential alerts via text, phone or email to confirm suspicious activity, And Third, if you are a victim of identity theft,  LifeLock will work to restore your identity and will spend up to a $1 million to do it.   All of this with protection plans beginning under $10 per month.

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