Quality Watches Continue the Scandinavian Tradition

Quality Watches

A Traditional Fashion Statement

Quality Watches continue to be a fashion statement.   While pocket watches have been around as early as 1570,  the first wristwatch was invented in 1868 when a watch was created for Countess Koscowicz, the Countless of Hungary. According to Guinness World Records it was created by the Swiss manufacturer, Patek Philippe.

Quality Watches

The Scandinavian Tradition Continues Today

Quality WatchesDeewatch Women’s Watches combine Scandinavian quality and simplicity with a romantic, bold and exclusive southern Europe design.  Quality watches are the result.  The Deewatch design was born during a trip through southern Europe’s fashion centers and was inspired by the local clothing and jewelry fashion. The warm, bold yet very stylish expressions fit perfectly together with Deewatch quality watches.  See the entire selection here.

The creators of Deewatch Women’s Watches created useful fashion for every occasion. The result is a dainty, feminine, stylish watch available in rose-gold and silver with a variety of watchstraps to choose from. With an extra watchstrap in your handbag you can switch style in an instant, which means that you are always ready for both careers, parties or holidays.

Quality Watches in Every Detail

Deewatch is a Swedish brand known for quality watches – the highest quality in every detail. The high standards and reliability of the Swedish Watches combined with the watchstraps carefully intertwined pearl combinations make Deewatch Women’s Watches a  unique creation that signals a sophisticated style. Review the style combinations here.

Matching Bracelets Available For These Quality Watches

Quality WatchesMatching Deewatch bracelets for most watchstraps are also available.    They are worn as is or combined with watches or other jewelry to create new, exciting creations.  You get an extra unique and elegant look when you combine a bracelet from Deewatch with any watch. All products by Deewatch are made from 100% natural, high quality materials, and contain no toxins, nickel or other harmful substances.   See the bracelet selection here.

Accessories for Weddings

Deewatch designed a collection of ladies’ watches and accessories called Pure White. It is especially designed for weddings, but fits other occasions too.  Shimmering white pearls sit beautifully intertwined with a fine wire on a high quality genuine leather strap. The Watch is available in silver and rose gold and the watchstraps in one loop and double loop. In addition, there are accessories in the same series in the form of beautiful bracelets with shimmering and beautiful pearls.

Free Shipping and 30 Day Trial

Deewatch Watches provides fast, free shipping worldwide for their quality watches.  They are so confident you will love your watch or bracelet that they provide a 30 day trial period.

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